You’ve probably seen people who don’t walk on campus. You walk out of the dorm, head up the main walk on campus to class, and you see every kind of kid. There’s the scooter gang, that group of boys sliding by on the Razor scooters they salvaged at a garage sale. There are the bikers, those BMX and mountain bike loving speed demons threatening to run over anyone who isn't paying enough attention. But what's the truly best way to travel between classes? The skateboard. And not just any skateboard, but the electric skateboard.

E-skate boards have experienced a boost in popularity in the last several years, and for good reason. The electric skateboard is a personal transport machine. It takes the timelessness and convenience of the skateboard and pairs it with the motor and ease of a hoverboard. The difference between the E-Board and the hoverboard? Safety. Hoverboards are convenient, but the two-wheel design makes them precarious, and difficult to use to navigate the possible crowds you may find on a college campus. They're lightweight, easy to carry around, and come in many different sizes, strengths, and even all-terrain. The board that best suits your needs to be one based on your specific situation. 

How do I choose the best Electric Skateboard for me?

When choosing an electric skateboard there are a few important factors to consider. One of these is how far you need to go. If you don’t have a big campus and you want to save yourself some time, a smaller board with less of a distance range would work best for you. If you have a hilly campus, you may want to pick a board that packs more watts and can handle an incline. Do you need a four-wheel drive board, or is that not important to you? How is your campus paved? With rougher cobblestones or smooth, well-kept sidewalks? Does speed matter to you? Do you want an incredibly powerful board, or one that gets the job done? How much money can you spend? How much are you willing to spend? This guide will help you consider the features of different Electric Skateboards and make sure you can choose the one that suits you the best!

Finding Electric Skateboards in Your Price Range

Before you can officially begin your board search, you need to consider what you can reasonably expect for what price. If you have one hundred dollars to spend, that probably won’t get you a board at all, let alone a quality one. For 200 dollars you can begin your search, and for 300 dollars you start to see your quality boards. Many different boards can be found here, but this guide shows you what you can expect for what price.

Under $300 – The Mini Fiik Electric Skateboard

The Mini Fiik Skateboard is a powerful machine in a small package. Weighing 7.7 pounds, the lightweight Fiik can be easily carried between classes. With a 12-mile travel distance and the top speed of 10 mph, you'll make it quickly across campus and back. The lithium battery can be fully charged in 150 minutes with a standard charger, or as quickly as 75 minutes with a fast charger. The stylish remote allows you to easily ramp up your speed. Overload protection keeps the battery safe, and the stylish Bamboo Style Surf Deck makes for an attractive way to travel. Coming in at around $279, the mini Fiik won’t break the bank.


Under $500 - Atom Electric B10 Skateboard

The Atom Electric B10 Skateboard is an amazing step up in quality and amenities. Coming in at $439, the B10 gives you everything you expect and more in an E-board. Introducing regenerative braking, the B10 not only safely and successfully stops, the ATOM’s technology charges the battery each time you brake, which goes to show electric boards are the skateboards of the future, and we’re lucky enough to have them now. The single brushless DC motor is powered by powerful Samsung lithium batteries and packs a whopping 1000W of power. The board comes equipped with a built-in battery indicator, making sure you know when those lithium batteries need a break.

The B10 has two-speed modes, giving you the chance to adjust to riding before you take off! Whether getting up to speed or slowing down, the advanced field of control (FOC) software keeps your ride smooth. This software is an upgrade from what most e-boards are using (standard BLDC software) and with the B10 you can feel that difference. The B10 finishes off its impressive list of qualities with a safe, low center of gravity, and a handle for your carrying convenience.


Under $750 - Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard

If you’ve got a little more money to spend than the B10 requires, the Acton Blink S2 might be the board for you. The Blink S2 is currently on sale for the holidays, dropping it down to a more affordable $749, instead of $999. The first feature the S2 has that separates it from cheaper boards is the integrated, high powered LED lights. The S2 packs a powerful punch with two onboard motors. With 1000W, the S2 has a top speed of 18 MPH and can travel for 14 miles on one charge. Taking only 1-1.5 hours to charge, the S2 is ready to go in a short amount of time. The S2 is a little heavier than other boards, weighing 15 pounds. Finally, as a cool bonus feature, Acton can track your miles (or km) to make sure you stay as active as possible. The Acton wants you to get out and move, and you might find yourself riding this one long after classes are over.


Under $1,000 - LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboard

The Lou 3.0 is for the rider who doesn't just want to travel from one place to another but wants to practice their tricks on the way. With a light 12-pound frame built slimmer than other e-skates, the Lou serves as a smooth ride even after it dies. Lou offers a powerful dual motor (3.0KW) that operates almost silently, making sure that your ride is as quiet as the world around you. The powerful lithium-ion batteries can be charged in two hours and offer you a top speed of 21 mph for 12-15 miles. The Lou offers you an interchangeable carbon fiber deck, allowing you to change the colors of your ride whenever you want. Not only is the remote easy to use, but the Lou offers a smartphone app that lets you customize your Lou to fit you the best.

Over $1,000 - Action Blink QU4TRO

When thinking about the Action Blink E-Board, the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” comes to mind. With a steep, $1,700 price tag, there is no denying that the QU4TRO is expensive. As the first allwheel-drive electric skateboard, the QU4TRO has a good reason for this expense. As the only board on this list with four hub motors, the QU4TRO packs 2000W of power, more than almost any other board on the market. This power gives the board an impressive top speed of 23 MPH, and a range of up to 22 miles. With an ergonomic joystick style controller, this board will be easier to control for you than any other on the market. It includes next level Bluetooth connectivity, fits snugly in your hand and pocket, and has an easy throttle wheel to let you speed up and slow down with ease. With its four motors, the QU4TRO takes longer than other boards to charge, but it's worth it. The carbon fiber and aluminum board is a bit heavier than others as well. The 24-pound board can handle 280 pounds of rider weight, making it a good trade-off.

These boards all serve as an amazing starting or finishing point (I’m looking at you, QU4TRO) on your search for the perfect board. It’s time to stop walking across campus like a peasant and instead cruise like the skateboard god you secretly are.


A final note:

There is an electric skateboard out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter your price range, the size of your campus, or your skill level. With time and practice, you’ll be flying from class to class with no problem. Don’t forget though, no matter how high your skill level, or how short your ride, BE SAFE. The best riders fall sometimes, and you’re no different! A helmet, elbow and knee guards, and wrist guards will keep you safe as you cruise between the walkers. Don’t ever underestimate how important safety gear is. Take care of your precious cargo and get out there and ride!!

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