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TeamGee H6 Ultra Thin Premium Pintail Electric Skateboard - Where Quality Meets Beauty

by TeamGee

Top Speed: 18.5 MPH/30 KPH 

Range: 10 miles/16 km

Replaceable Urethanes


More info: 

High-speed mode: 18.5 MPH 

Low-speed mode: 11 MPH 

Wheelbase: 31 inch

Max load: 220 pounds (100 kg)

Max climb angle: 15-20°

Net weight: 14 lbs

Operation temperature:  5 °F to 104 °F(-15 °C to 40 °C)

Note: Mileage, Speed and Hill Climb Rate will depend on the weight of the rider, condition of the skateboard tires, and other factors. Numbers here were assuming a 160 lb / 73 kg weight rider on new tires and smooth surface.


Capacity: 3.5 Ah

Type: 36V Lithium battery

Charge time: 2 hours



Type: Brushless Motor

Power: 700W Dual motor (350W  each)

Regenerative brake: Yes

Revs: 1800RPM-2200RPM



Material: PU

Hardness: 83 A

Size: 3.27 inch x 2.05 inch


Wireless remote controller:

Capacity: 450 mAh

Battery type: Lithium battery

Charge time: 2 hours

Battery duration: 6-8 hours

Type: 2.4G RF Technology


Package Include:

1 x User Manual

1 x Electric Skateboard

1 x Wireless Remote Controller

1 x Adapter and Charger

1 x T tool

1 x Gift led tail light



Q: what's the board specification?
A: The size of the board is 38" x 9" x 1".

Q: Is it possible to replace the battery inside the board if it dies?
A: Yes, it is possible. Just the shipping of the battery holds up against put the battery on site for sale. 
Q: Can I take the skateboard on any flight? And travel with it worldwide? 
A: There are regulations for the battery is allowed on a flight. You'd have to check with your airlines.
Q: Is it water resistant?
A: The battery and ESC are protected in the deck under the grip tape with an additional layer of waterproofing thingy. No eboard has waterproof motors. Definitely not waterproof bearings. Most other eboards today splash-proof and should be kept away from water.


    Skateboards and Eboards can be dangerous if used carelessly. It is the purchaser's and/or rider's responsibility to read and follow all product instructions, including all safety precautions, and always use protective gear when riding. Protective gear can be found under the accessories tab on our website. 

    Please check the skateboard specifications to assure the rider is not overweight, underaged or the wrong height for the electric skateboard based on the manufacturer's recommended rider age, weight and height limitations.

    Most electric skateboards are not to be used for tricks that involve putting pressure on the bottom of the board where the battery unit is housed, it is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or rider to check the manufacturer's product manual for recommended usage and warranty information.

    Street-Style boards are designed for solid surfaces, riding over an uneven surface may damage the skate's wheels, motors and battery. Off-road electric skateboards are designed for various terrains. With that said, most manufacturers recommend staying away from water and wet surfaces as a wet deck can become slippery and it is recommended to never submerge a battery compartment in water.

    Riders should be aware of their surroundings at all times and avoid obstacles or pedestrians which may be present. 

    It is the responsibly of the purchaser/rider of electric skateboard products and accessories obtained through Electric Skate City to know and obey all country, state, province and local regulations regarding the proper use, possible licensing requirements and disposal of the products.

    The purchasers and/or riders of electric skateboards, electric skateboard conversion kits and/or accessories purchased from Electric Skate City, shall use these products at their own discretion and risk, and shall hold Electric Skate City, it's employees, associates, partners or affiliates, harmless for any and all loss, liability or damages to property or fines, personal injury or loss of life as a result of the use of the products purchased through Electric Skate City.

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